Antique Creolla Tamburin Earrings / White Pearl

Natalya Lagdameo

A work of art, the Antique Creolla Tamburin earrings are unique and timeless.  Adorned with quality white pearls. 

The Antique Tamburin is from the early 1900's.  The intricate designed metal beads are made of silver and dipped in gold.  Each is unique to the style as the beads dictate their individuality.

These Tamburin beads were made using the repousse technique to create the patterns and repeats.  A jewelry format that was adapted from the Spanish colonial times in the Philippines, these beads were strung together and originally meant to function as a rosario (rosary) while keeping the proper sequence for prayer. Eventually, the rosaries were referred to as tamburin and became primarily ornamental.


- Dimensions: 1.5" drop (overall length)
- 22k Gold Plated on Silver
- White Pearls
- Butterfly fastening for pierced ears


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