Natalya Lagdameo

 Drawing from her work as an interior designer, Natalya Lagdameo came across collections of furniture, heirlooms and artifacts from around the Philippine archipelago.  These items, combined with the history that comes with each individual piece - taking note of all the stories, details, patterns and symbolisms that were represented by these pieces, is what led to her greater appreciation for the jewelry’s traditions.  Both pre-colonial and colonial, the jewelry that Natalya was discovering spoke of artistry, devotion and impeccable skill. All of these were tell-tale signs of provenance, age and use. It wasn't long after that Natalya decided to create her own designs, utilizing original components.  Tamburin beads, relicarios, crosses and chain patterns along with tribal pieces like mother of pearl, wood and bone are used in a modern aesthetic, yet still in respect to the traditional format.

Beyond the visual factor of these pieces, materials play a key role in her line as Natalya strives to maintain locally sourced materials. With compositions made from brass, bronze, silver and gold paired with shells, pearls, stones and local weaves like pina and jusi, the collection takes on a distinct personality very much like our own.  A mix of the old traditions and current sensibilities.