Fleur Bamboo Clutch / White

Ken Samudio

The Fleur Bamboo Clutch designed byKen Samudio, is handmade using carefully hand-sewn petals (made of recycled plastic) on handwoven bamboo.
Accented with leather tassels.

Traditionally handwoven made from bamboo strips that are naturally dyed, this beautifully handwoven bag reinvents the rural craft traditions of the Philippines.  

Process:  Sustainable bamboo are used and by splitting each stalk of bamboo into quarters and then shaving them into strips. These strips are then knit together in a cross-hatch pattern that gives the bag a weightless strength. Today, weaving tradition is upheld by specialist weavers, whose disciplined artistry keeps the craft alive and growing.


- Dimensions:  10" long  x 5.5" wide  x 1.75" deep
- Lightweight flowers are hand assembled from individual petals moulded from recycled plastic
- Gold glossy petals
- Fully lined with inside pocket
- Durable non-rusting zipper

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