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Handwoven Face Mask

Anthill Fabric Gallery

New styles, new designs.  These handwoven face masks are made from hand-loomed Philippine textiles provided to ANTHILL Fabric Gallery by their weaving partners.

ANTHILL was formed as an alternative nest and trading / training hub for Indigenous or Ingenious Little Livelihood seekers.  Their alternative approach to business is founded by their mission to keep Philippine weaving traditions alive and to provide sustainable livelihood to their partner communities.

The light weight Kantarines stripe fabrics are handwoven using upcycled cotton polyster thread by Mang Abel Ti Abra, a community of women weavers preserving this living tradition passed on to them by their ancestors. The Kantarines stripe is traditionally worn as tapis or wrap skirts.

Traditionally handwoven by the Itneg tribe, the Binakol fabric's geometric design is believed to wore away evil spirits with its dizzying effect.  The Binakol Gray and Red fabrics were hand-loomed by Mang Abel TI Abra and Trixiabel Loom Weaving both of Ilocos Norte.  Made of upcycled cotton polyester thread.  

The Santiago Diamond weave, a medium wight fabric is from Santiago, Ilocos Sur, a region rich in traditional weaving history.  Weavers portray natural elements in their patterns. 

Face Masks are available in five different styles. 

- Pleated Kantarines Stripe Blue
- Pleated Kantarines Stripe Brown
- Standard Binakol Squares Red
- Standard Binakol Squares Gray
- Standard Santiago Diamond Black

The masks are sized for adults and are one-size-fits-most. They come with adjustable ear loops and conveniently hangs around the neck. 
These washable and reusable fabric face mask are designed with an inner pocket  for removable filter.   
This is a personal use item and cannot be returned.
All sales are final.


- Dimensions:  Pleated 8" wide 

x 4" high (extends to 7"); Standard 8" wide x 6" high)
- Wash brand new face mask before first time use.
- Hand wash in warm water using for delicates liquid soap for at least 20 seconds.
- Lay flat to dry.  Do not bleach.  Do not iron straps.
- Two (2) filters are included with each mask.
- Important Notes:  While this mask provides protection, you still need to avoid touching your face, always wash your hands with soap and water, avoid crowded places, and practice social distancing. 
- This is not medical grade.
- Non-surgical and non-medical use, for personal use only
- Color of the actual product may slightly differ from what you see on the screen
- Made in the Philippines


- Woven Fabric:  60% Cotton / 40% Polyester Blend 
- Liner:  100%  Cotton Knit
- Straps: Neoprene / Spandex stretch material
- Non-woven filter 



These masks contain an inner pocket for a removable filter.  Filters can be made from various household materials including vacuum bags and even coffee filters. 

Make sure that you remove and dispose of the filter before washing your mask. After your mask has completely dried, you can place a new filter into it.

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