Sera Ring
Sera Ring
Sera Ring

Sera Ring

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A perfect accent to any outfit.  Round ring with natural shell inlay, creating a modern and dynamic pattern.  

Diamond Pattern: Shells are Paua Abalone and Cabibi shell inlay.

X-Pattern: Shells are Red and Black Pen Shells, Cabibi Shell inlay.

Chevron Pattern: Shells are Yellow Pen shell, Blue Hammer shell and Cabibi shell inlay.

Double Chevron Pattern: Shells are Red Pen Shell and Mother of Pearl inlay.

Ring inlay measures 1.3" diameter. Band is adjustable between US sizes 5 - 7. 24k gold plated brass.

Each of our pieces is completely handcrafted with natural sea shells, so any variation in size, color, or pattern is completely natural, making each piece unique.

Designer:  Susanne Verallo