Royal Oak Natural Shell Earrings
Royal Oak Natural Shell Earrings

Royal Oak Natural Shell Earrings

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Designed by famed accessories designer Ken Samudio, these one of a kind artisan made natural shell earrings will transform any outfit. Featuring intricate cuts of genuine mother of pearl set in cast bronze, they are surprisingly light weight. Gold Plated Brass posts make them friendly for those with sensitive skin. 

Composition:  Light Blue Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Spinel, Mother of Pearl, Gold Plated Brass

Shells:  Natural color.  Sustainably sourced by only using by products of the food industry.  

Dimensions: 3" L x 2" W


In a past life, Ken was a biologist specializing in marine biodiversity. Without any formal training in fashion and armed only with raw talent and a sheer determination to succeed, he ventured into accessories design. In 2014, Ken was named among Vogue Italia's Talents for Accessories and was featured in the magazine's 50th anniversary issue - a first for a Filipino. Since then, Ken has successfully launched his collections in London and Milano and has been featured in international design competitions and magazines.

Ken’s unique technique explores natural and organic forms found in nature, mimicking distinct textures by employing indigenous and recycled materials. He creates artworks from upcycled beads made from water plastic bottles, recycled sea glass and other sustainable materials sourced from the Philippines. Behind Ken’s eponymous label is a small team of women that he has trained to become skilled accessory artisans.